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Logging all the queries with MySQL 5.0

With MySQL 5.1, getting and analyzing all the queries hitting the database is very easy even if you don’t have access to the MySQL enterprise Monitor.  You can either activate the general log or, my favourite option, activate the slow … Continue reading

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Capture DB2 long running SQL

DB2 (LUW) V8 and higher has a couple of things that annoy me when it comes to performance tuning. The first is the obtrusive nature of the event monitor. To guarantee you capture all the sql statements running in an … Continue reading

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Server Performance and the Database

I am cleaning out some old scripts and it got me thinking back to a time before I rejoined the ranks of consultant… to many different jobs and many different people. Why is it that some companies or “tech” people … Continue reading

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Interesting tool out there This allows a mysqldump to be broken up into multiple files, and lets you multi-thread the dump process. Worth checking out!

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