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Capture DB2 long running SQL

DB2 (LUW) V8 and higher has a couple of things that annoy me when it comes to performance tuning. The first is the obtrusive nature of the event monitor. To guarantee you capture all the sql statements running in an … Continue reading

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Server Performance and the Database

I am cleaning out some old scripts and it got me thinking back to a time before I rejoined the ranks of consultant… to many different jobs and many different people. Why is it that some companies or “tech” people … Continue reading

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Interesting and wacky stuff with XFS and EXT3

Some debate on whether XFS or EXT3 is better for mysql performance. I have heard arguments for both. I was benchmarking some myisam to innodb conversions today and thought I would try the same benchmarks using ext3 and with xfs… … Continue reading

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Fun stuff Coming up

While I am waiting for some benchmarks to finish I thought I would post a little bit here and there. Something interesting to note I have a full plate of travel ahead of me, Traveling to Madison WI, Chicago, and … Continue reading

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Passed DBA I

I took and passed the DBA I exam about a week ago!  Onto study for DBA II!

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MyIsam + Heartbeat failover goodness

Was out a client last week putting in a heartbeat based HA solution riding over top of myisam. Not a typical HA solution, and one that DRBD is not going to be a preferred component of the tech stack.  We … Continue reading

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Another disk benchmarking tool

A tool I have used in the past in place of bonnie++ is Orion from Oracle. I like how it flexes different kinds of io load ( oltop, olap) against your disk. maybe I will try it with my ramdisk … Continue reading

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VMWARE, Software Raid, and my server

Yesterday I reinstalled ubuntu on my linux server here at home. Interesting stuff, ran into all kinds of problems using gutsy with vmware. Followed the standard vmware install procedures for ubuntu ( run the installer, stop before the config and … Continue reading

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Interesting tool out there This allows a mysqldump to be broken up into multiple files, and lets you multi-thread the dump process. Worth checking out!

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Datatype fun…

Its truely amazing how in mysql datatype changes can make a huge performance benefit. Some common ones, changing doubles to decimals can save 4-7 bytes per column, per row… See: & the same can be said for timestamp … Continue reading

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