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Mixed Feelings Over the Big Deal

I have been working for MySQL for about six months now and I have mixed feelings over the big deal with Sun. Looking at the market out there it does seem like financially it is the right move, the market … Continue reading

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Heartbeat, Debug and SIGXCPU

Had a frantic email from a client today. We deployed a complex custom Heartbeat/replication solution several months ago. Recently the master server was failing over to slave. Bad news all around. Take a look here at the lovely log: heartbeat[23799]: … Continue reading

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Quick one Liner

Kill all mysql threads that have 300 or more seconds of time: mysqladmin -uroot processlist | grep -v +| awk –field-separator=’|’ {‘ if ($7 > 500) print ” mysqladmin -uroot kill ” $2 ‘} One quick note, need to check … Continue reading

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