Waffle Grid: 500% better then non-waffle MySQL

I have not posted official numbers in a while.  As you may have read I am currently playing with Dolphin interconnect cards to see what kind of performance improvement I can get with them.  But I also have been tweaking and testing over my home lab here in the cold icey state of Michigan.  Using the latest and greatest libmemcached source, some duck tape, and some bubble gum I was able to push my standard test run from 3x faster to 5x faster in dbt2 tests then the native 5.1.30 mysq.  This was done by adding memcached as a distributed l2 cache.  If you don’t know what that is look at my previous posts.  I will make pretty graphs and charts later on… but for now:

No Waffle 3248.72 new-order transactions per minute (NOTPM)
Waffle (2×768) 14655.98 new-order transactions per minute (NOTPM)

Tests were run with mysql 5.1.30, 768 local buffer pool, trx commit set to 0, innodb concurrency set to 0, with flush method set to o_direct.

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