Waffle Grid: Mini Update

I am currently working on putting together and pushing a 0.4 version of Waffle Grid. Which I think will be the last until we switch over to Plugin model. This version includes the use of libmemcached NoReply, all kinds of new stats ( latency stats for disk & memcached ), turning read ahead on/off, and a slew of fixes. I was able to push a lot of transactions using this, so It should be good for people to play around with and see what kind of performance they can get.

Next up for us on the development side will be:

  • the planned port to the Innodb Plugin – this version should include a dynamic server list which will allow adding memcached server without a restart.

  • work on some scalability issues with  our current code ( namely we open 1 connection per innodb thread, per memcached server )

  • evaluating more performance enhancements, possibly a more aggressive flush mechanism

  • look at cleaning up some code to make it more portable to other storage engines

On the testing side:

I will be posting the results from my Dolphin tests very soon, some interesting numbers their!  Also, I am going to be rerunning all my tests over on EC2 this week, hopefully our changes will yield positive results in the cloud computing space, so stay tuned for that.


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