Waffle Grid: 0.4 “Butter” technology preview

I have just uploaded a technology preview release of Waffle Grid code named “Butter”.  Yes Butter is good on Waffles.

This release is a preview release, experimental, and should probably not be used in production unless you are brave…  I am including the full source for this release.  This includes patched memcached, libmemcached, and MySQL 5.1.30.  I bundled it this way to try and get folks to try it out and let us know what they think.  This is probably going to be the only time we package the full MySQL source as we are now working with the innodb-plugin.  You can still grab this as a patch off of launchpad.

What’s in this release?  Well this is our first “release”  but some of the notable items since the last patch:

  1. New configuration variables
  2. Using NoReply with libmemcached which allows us to not wait for a reply back from a set
  3. We are now using a prefix in the key field.  This ensures that each time the database starts it will look for only keys in memcached with its prefix.
  4. New stats including get/miss/set latency
  5. Lots of little things

Here are the new config paramters:

  • innodb_memcached_enable  [ This can be 1 for on or 0 for off ]
  • innodb_memcached_servers [ This is not dynamic in this version, use a comma seperated list ie., ]
  • innodb_print_memcached_stats [ 0 for off, 1 for summary logging, 2 for detailed logging …  output goes to the error log
  • innodb_enable_rnd_readahead [ default is 1, which means random read ahead is enabled, disabling this may yeild benefits in some apps ]
  • innodb_enable_seq_readahead [ default is 1, which means sequential read ahead is enabled, disabling this may yeild benefits in some apps ]

You can use show innodb status to monitor memcached now:

Memcached puts    3722425
Memcached hits    3491965
Memcached misses  138938
Memcached Prefix:  29302
Memcached Get Total Lat 1567 (us)
Memcached Get Recent Lat 535 (us)
Memcached Miss Total Lat 1108 (us)
Memcached Miss Recent Lat 1402 (us)
Memcached Set Total Lat 43 (us)
Memcached Set Recent Lat 34 (us)

Where can you grab it?  On launchpad: https://launchpad.net/wafflegrid/+download

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