What do we do here at bigdbahead.com over the weekend?

We have benchmark parties!  Yes , I spend my weekend glued to the LCD running benchmarks day and night.  While it may seem like the work of a madman or a lonely bunch of geeks without a date who are just trying to pass the time before their WOW quest begins…  its really rather fun.

Check out this:  The RamSan 500 …. I have had access to this bad boy this week to perform all kinds of interesting test.  How fast is it?  50-50 read/write benchmarks I am pulling down 24K iops and I am not taxing the drive ( the benchmark system’s cpu is only a quad core with 2gb of memory )…  I will have a report for you later this week.

What else?  Well my ec2 trials and tribulations continue…  sometimes I feel like I am trying to squeze performance out of an old 386 ( without the co-processor ).

Of course I am splitting my time on some Waffle related stuff as well…  I am reading & testing out some of the other open source patches out their to see if their is any benefit in Waffle.  In fact I am running some tests with the google IO patches and the Percona IO patches.  So far not a lot of benefit in waffle, but I am still playing around.

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