Fun stuff Coming up

While I am waiting for some benchmarks to finish I thought I would post a little bit here and there. Something interesting to note I have a full plate of travel ahead of me, Traveling to Madison WI, Chicago, and New York all within the next month. Looking forward to exploring New York a bit as it will be my first trip out there. Chicago will be nice as well, Harry Carrey’s is a favorite restaurant of mine:)

Anyways, I was thinking about resurrecting my former gaming projects… CSMB ( College Small Market Baseball ). I kind of missing playing it to be honest with you. Maybe fun to have something like that to waste time on from the hotel. I also have code for basketball and football versions of the game hanging around, so that maybe fun as well. Although kind of torn between starting it up as is or just redoing it.

This week is my fantasy baseball finals. I face off against the Winchester Connection, all in all it should be a good match-up. I drew the ire of a lot of folks in this long-time league this year because of my trades. The last few years I have gotten burned by other people dumping guys to my opponents. I have stood on my young studs to try and build a dynasty, while they have beat me in the playoffs. This year a dump trade took place week 2 of the season, with Albert Pujols being traded for a ton of good-great players ( alex rodriguez, nick swisher, brian giles, brandon phillips, zumeya, ibanez, molina, and a few others, remember this is week 2 so now one knew who was a dud). So this year I decided it was time to be the recipient of these dumps. I ended up trading some of the hottest young players who I had been stashing for years. David Wright, Hunter Pence, Ryan Braun, John Lackey, Gallerdero, etc. All went out the door ( keeper league you see ). I amassed a team with a salary equal to the yankee’s and the rest of the league who complained midly about dumping week 2 turned around and started talking about the anti-trade rules, etc. What happened is every available player I could find who teams where looking to dump I grabbed… the teams who in the past three years had been on the receiving end of these deals turned ugly… the players who in years past they grabbed were long gone. The cries from those who were guilty were the loudest. If nothing else people are talking about change this year.

Over in fantasy football my teams slow start caused a complete roster turnover on my part. In a serious of deals last night I grabbed larry johnson, reggie wayne, torry holt, Derrick Ward, Damon(sp?) Bowe shipping out Maroney, Burress, Cedric Benson, and Larry Fitzgerald. Hopefully that will work out.

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