WaffleGrid ported to the InnoDB plugin 1.0.3

For the interested, I just ported Wafflegrid to the newest version of the InnoDB pluging, v. 1.0.3. Meanwhile, I also corrected a small bug with the CRC_32 code that wrongly cause MySQL to report corrupted blocks after being retrieved from memcached. To get the new code, simply do:

bzr branch lp:~y-trudeau/wafflegrid/waffleGrid-Innodb-plugin

and replace the directory storage/innobase by what you will retrieve from launchpad. If you are new to WaffleGrid, you will also need a custom version of memcached and a modified build script for MySQL. All these can be obtained at:


You will also need to change the file memcached_constants.h in libmemcached with the following value:


This gives a 20x perf gain… Yes… WaffleGrid is still experimental.

About Yves Trudeau

I work as a senior consultant in the MySQL professional services team at Sun. My main areas of expertise are DRBD/Heartbeat and NDB Cluster. I am also involved in the WaffleGrid project.
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  1. Ken Jacobs says:

    Wow! That was fast! Good work!

    Thanks for paying so much attention to the InnoDB Plugin.

    (I wanted to send you a heads-up email, Matt, but didn’t have your email address. Glad you got the news anyway!)



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