Funny Quotes

Looking at some of my RSS feeds tonight and came across this article/press release Here . The article itself is about db4o, or database for objects.  It sounds interesting, and I think I may even play around with it.  But what struck me as just messed up is the following qoute:  “Db4ojects says “database benchmarks” show db4o to be “up to 55 times faster” than the Hibernate object-relational mapper and MySQL. ”  ….  My very first experience into Hibernate was a couple of years ago.  A company I worked for released some new application during their change window, it turned out to be a weekend from hell.  Performance was atrocious, and the product had to be ready Monday.   I spent 36 hours out of 48 analyzing and optimizing the code as much as possible.  Early on I found what was a major culprit…  several queries did a completely unneeded left outer join to a view that joined 8 other tables and contained 20 million rows.  The developers said “Hibernate did it”…   and “We can’t do anything about it, its auto generated code” … yada yada yada.  My point is with SQL generated like that to say that a product is 55 times fast then hibernate is kind of like saying a Dump Truck is 55 times faster then a Shopping cart….  

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