I Am Legend Falls Short

Well I was excited.  Always a fan of Omega Man, I looked forward to the release of I am Legend.  I got to the first showing yesterday with very high expectations.  All I can say is wow am I really disappointed.  The first 45 minutes or so were good enough, they provided adequate build up.  But then it all went wrong.  Too many things were left unexplained.  To many deviations from the book.

A few example of my issues:

Spoilers could be here…

– Why not explain the deal with him pouring vinegar everywhere?

– How did the infected humans gain monkey like super powers?  Leaping over lap posts and the like.  Knocking down steel doors, shaking off bullets, etc.

–  Did not show enough of him angering the infected, and not enough interaction with them.  Their was no relationship between them.  You were left thinking that the infected leader was angry because his girl was taken, but at the end his girl was their in front of him.  If he cared enough to come after him, why not show some emotion at seeing her on the table.   It just left me feeling empty and like I missed something.

I could give some more examples, but overall I just felt like this could have been sooo much better, and instead was just an uncomplete rushed mess.

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