The upcoming MySQL UC 2009

The MySQL UC 2009 is coming and it is time for my own little marketing. As Matt already annonced it a few months ago we (Matt and I) are doing a WaffleGrid presentation, Distributed InnoDB caching with Memcached, Tuesday at 2PM. I am also presenting at the MySQL Camp or unconference, NBD (MySQL Cluster) performance tuning and pitfalls, also Tuesday at 4:25PM.

About Yves Trudeau

I work as a senior consultant in the MySQL professional services team at Sun. My main areas of expertise are DRBD/Heartbeat and NDB Cluster. I am also involved in the WaffleGrid project.
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  1. Hander says:

    Hi! Will be those presentations available on your site when the conference finishes? I’ll be eternally grateful, since unfortunately is a bit difficult to go to USA right now 🙁


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