Well I am trying to use dbt2 to test some ssd drives.  This is my first time trying to use the tool, and I am not impressed.  Their seems to be a general lack of documentation out there, on top of the scripts being very buggy. I am trying 0.37 & 0.40.
The first thing is the scripts are somewhat of mess.  Things like setting user/socket  settings are not intuitive and in .37 required me to hack the run_workload script.  The run_workload script calls scripts that do not exist anymore.  Which is really annoying.

The lack of documentation hurts because all the references I have seen show a 20 warehouse run with x number of terminals/threads.  At the levels I have seen I get crap results like 500TPM, but when I look at the system my system is not even breaking a sweet.  I upped the # of warehouses to 50, and the threads to like 700 and I end up getting near 18K TPM.  And this puts my CPU @ 45% and my io wait around 5% with SSD.

I will post more as I find more.

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