WaffleGrid is plugging along!

Yes we are still plugging away working on Waffle Grid, in fact I am testing the heck out of the plugin release this week. Some good news, great news, and bad news to report.

The good news on the testing is using the new Waffle Grid release, I am able to consistently get up close to 15K TPM, that’s up from 3K TPM without WaffleGrid ( 5x increase woohoo! ). This performance boost holds true through several tests, and based on this testing I am working on a set of recommended parameters for getting the most performance out of Waffle. I should have my recommendations for our User Conference presentation.

The great news is I have been able to get close to 20K TPM by disabling the read-ahead! This represents a huge boost in performance, over both the read-ahead enabled and the non-waffle tests. The bad news is in extended tests with the read-ahead disabled the plugin version takes a crap on me and consistently dies about 22-24 minutes in… which is a bummer to say the least ( the butter preview with the non-plugin code did not exhibit this ). This only happens with the read-ahead disabled, so it’s looks like I have a bit of debugging to do around this.

Our goal is to get this all straightened out before the UC so when we present on Waffle we can show off the true power of the solution… which if we can consistently get 6-7x performance over a non-waffle install will be impressive.

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  1. awesome. I still have to get running some benchmarks. Glad to see wafflegrid is still up and kicking


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