Counting down the days before UC Time!!

One last reminder, we ( Yves and I ) will be appearing all over the place at the UC. Here is a quick run down of our schedule:

  • Tuesday 10:50 am – 11:35 pm (Free MySQL Camp) I will be presenting “Learning from others’ MySQL Performance Mistakes” … a journey into the sometimes silly things we all end up doing.
  • Tuesday 2-3pm Yves and I are co-presenting “Distributed Innodb Caching with memcached” … this will be an intro into the Waffle Grid project, what it’s about and what it means to you.
  • Tuesday 4:25 pm – 5:10 pm (Free MySQL Camp) Yves will be presenting “NBD (MySQL Cluster) performance tuning and pitfalls”
  • Wednesday 2-3pm I will be presenting: “SAN Performance on a Internal Disk Budget: The Coming Solid State Disk Revolution” … the title sounded better when I submitted it, because the fact is SSD’s are here! But the big question is what does it mean to you?
  • Wednesday @09:10 PM I will be a panelist at the Percona Performance Conference, in the session “Open Q&A: Performance”

Hope to see you guys there. If nothing else look for us wandering aimlessly through the halls and say hi.

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