Interesting Feel this morning @ the UC

Everyone who was up @ 7:30am seems to feel tired and subdued.  Everyone I heard from is worried about what this means for MySQL.  Some people have taken to extreme joking running around with cracks about the evil empire and “hail Larry”.    It’s a very tense mood all in all.   The feeling seems to be that the announcement was timed to have maximum effect, others seem to think it was timed so they can all bring us over to the assimilation machine and get our implants embedded in our brains.  I am sure you are going to be hearing a lot of fear & uncertaintity, rumors and the like over the week but their is still a long way to go, and nothing will be worked out officially for months.

That being said it does feel like the ” The end of the world as we know it”  … welcome to black monday.

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