Don’t Panic…

Remember the what’s printed on the front of the Guide… “Don’t Panic”.

First we all get hit hard with News like this…  So we go through lots of stages. Panic, dear, acceptance, etc.  They all come and everyone is left asking now what.

First… look around at and get reassurance from others…

Sheeri has a decent post on her take on the news here.


As I mentioned earlier, it’s way to early to speculate on what’s going to happen.  Integration can not begin until all the regulatory stuff get handle, which could take months and months.  So their is going to be a really long quiet period of time.  For us internal folks this will be a scarey time of course.  So anything you hear now is going to be pure Rumor more then likely.


Absolute worse case for everyone is that since MySQL is open source you get your MySQL fix from another company.  This other company could take the form of a current company or fork (OurDelta, Percona, etc) , another open source project ( i.e. drizzle ),  community support, the main distro’s ,or even a new company formed from others.  Remember the code is available, anyone can fork it, anyone can patch it…  so no matter what MySQL will live on.

So just sit back try and relax and wait.  I know it’s hard, but this will all work out, and in the end whatever is left will be stronger for it.

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