Random notes from conversations at the UC

People always have conversations at the UC that spark ideas for new projects or features, this is my random collection of features or items I need to look into.  Most people can ignore it… but if your interested in what goes on in my head here ya go:

General Innodb:

  • I started looking into this before, but I was reminded of it again today…  it would be useful to setup separate innodb buffer pools like the key caches in MyISAM.
  • maybe an easy hack to put in a tiered LRU based on file per table.  What I mean by this is internally the internal BP in inno actually uses the space id ( file per table will have a new ID per table )…  this should make it feasible to ( maybe easy ) to move certain spaceid’s up or down the internal LRU list  This maybe an interesting feature, not exactly like pinning a table into the BP but close.    Basically, if a table is accessed and its higher priority it will stay in the BP longer.

General Waffle:

  • Need to port waffle to mysql 5.4
  • Was asked when Waffle will make it into mainstream Mysql/Innodb…  ummm have never thought about it, need to ask around
  • Maybe able to direct waffle to “cache”  only certain spaceid’s fairly easily.  This may be usful to eliminate pushing single or low use tables to memcached
  • Fix how we are trying to use NoReply
  • Tough one…  waffle storing rows?  Could be accessed outside of mysql?
  • Persistent memcached? i.e. memcached and block device


  • Enhance JuiceDB, especially looking at Drizzle
  • Dbt2 & drizzle…
  • Look at a better memcached benchmark
  • Look at testing Virident appliances, What can they mean to waffle?
  • Look at testing Schooner Appliance’s, What can they mean to waffle?
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