Another one down… the problem with storage

Well I just finished my SSD session.  I was concerned by the amount of slides I had so I  kept trimming them back.  What happened?  I finished early.  Why?  The problem with storage is it’s not really that sexy.  I mean nobody ( sane anyways ) drools over drive specs ( I do consider myself insane by the way , and do drool over some drives ).   CPU’s are sexy…  memory…  sexy …  graphics cards sexy…  drives…  are not.  We only had a small crowd turn out (50-60 people maybe), but they were vocal and interactive.  I got some great feedback from others who love IO performance as much as me.   In fact one antendee stopped me in the hall and thanked me , telling me I helped him make up his mind to purcahse some SSD drives,  which made it worthwhile.

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3 Responses to Another one down… the problem with storage

  1. Morgan Littlewood says:


    Great talk. It was very informative and got past the ridiculous comparison of 1 SSD vs 1 HDD. The system level view is much more interesting.

    Looking forward to the slides.



  2. Arjen Lentz says:

    content? slides? overview?

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