WaffleGrid: 0.5 Cream Release

I wanted to let everyone know that we are releasing Waffle Grid 0.5 code named Cream. This release fixes the nasty secondary index bug that plagued the butter release. I have been running tests on this code base for about a week straight with no errors. While I think this release is much more stable I would remind everyone this is still not a fully GA release. This release includes the ability to choose the mode of Waffle grid. By setting innodb_memcached_enable to 1, we will push pages to memcached when a disk read is done or when a page write is done, setting this to 2 will enable the classic LRU mode. If you decide to set this to 1 ( non-lru) I would recommend using the standard memcached, as with previous versions the LRU mode works better with our slightly altered memcached ( expire from memcached on get ). I will be posting benchmarks and more details within the next couple of days. Right now you can grab the patch on launchpad.

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  1. Sid says:

    Happy to see things coming along, can’t wait to see the new benchmarks

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