Intel SSD

So Yves knowing my affinity for all things solid state forwarded me this link, , it seems Linus Torvalds picked up one of the new Intel SSD drives ( if anyone wants to send me one to test that would be cool ).  Whats interesting is he says the thing just rocks.  But how will this perfom in a database environment?  Not 100% sure, but I think it’s going to perform worse then the mtron or memoright drvies I have tested.  Why?  Well the drive is MLC not SLC.  Anandtech has a great review the Intel SSD, with an awesome explination with accompaning benchmarks on SLC -vs- MLC.  Most of these tests are performed in a windows environment, and I have seen much different performance in Linux.  Realistically we need to benchmark the drive with dbt2 and sysbench to see how much better or worse the performance is.  But if your thinking about SSD, be careful of the MLC until someone posts database specific benchmarks.

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