Leaving Sun/MySQL but not the community

I thought I would put out a quick note about this right now, I am going to be leaving Sun next week. I do have some plans which will start to materialize over the next few weeks and months so stick around for that. Even though I am leaving the company, I will still be lurking and working on all think database and performance related. This should not have any bearing on BigDBAHead.com or Waffle Grid, hopefully this will only mean I will post more and spend more time doing crazy and cool things!

I wanted to thank everyone at MySQL who I worked with and learned from over the past few years.

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2 Responses to Leaving Sun/MySQL but not the community

  1. Johan says:

    your experience, knowledge, and persona will be hugely missed.

    Good luck,


  2. I wish you well with your new pursuits.

    I trust our paths will again cross since we worked together in the old MySQL Inc days.

    The Big ‘O’ exodus seems to have started.

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