Yeah Times are tough, Morale is low, but someone has a plan!

I could not resist posting this!  Its just too funny.

My Wife works for a company that shall remain nameless.  Like everyone else they have been hit by hard times ( economic downturn ).

They called an all staff meeting to announce their would be no raises this year, you could no longer access your 401k ( yes they sent out a letter saying they were suspending access to people pulling money out of their 401K… not sure if thats legal, but thats another matter), and other assorted fill in the blank economic bad news. In typical management style, gotta soften bad news with good…

“Bad News No raises, good news we installed a slushy machine for all our employee’s in the break room”


You can just hear…

“A slushy machine will give them all brain freezes, which will make them forget all about the tough economic times!!  Score!  ”

A couple weeks after, more bad news… most people’s retirement funds were down 50% or more…  plus the slushy machine was broken…

Management again decided to act…


“Morale is low… what can we do?  …  the slushy machine is broken?  …  what can we do?  I know: ”

“Lets install a chili and cheese machine, the massive heartburn will make them forget about the tough times ahead!   Score!”

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