Intel x-25m80GB in the house…. woot!

Seeing my recent love affair with solid state drives I thought I would test drive one of the latest greatest drives out their the 80GB intel x-25m80GB.  Like a child on Christmas morning, I felt true excitement as the generic UPS envelop arrived on my porch today.

While it did not show up until late in the day, I can’t just let it sit their without starting to test it can I?

Benchmarks are running as I write this and I will provide the full breakdown of the drives performance as I finish up the tests.

But to wet your appetite, check this out:

50-50 read/write sysbench test:  1899 IO requests per second!!!  Thats huge!!!

Thats compare to the 284 IOPS I got on the memoright GT, a performance improvement of 6.6x, with a higher capacity 80GB -vs- 32GB, and a Lower cost $773 -vs- $680…  outstanding!!!

Here are the first unverified sysbench test runs:

    R/W 1 Raptor 1 Mtron 1 Memoright Intel X-25m
    5000/5000 172 200 284 1899
    6670/3330 164 282 412 1774
    7500/2500 159 388 512 1850
    8000/2000 165 516 607 1722
    8333/1777 176 518 741 1613
    10000/0 161 5263 3844 3927
    0/10000 200 100 160 2080
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