Testing Waffle

So Ronald Bradford has been getting some EC2 AMI’s setup for Waffle the last couple of days. Really he is the first person to work with us on testing out the 0.5 cream release. It’s funny but when you are heads down in the code you tend to overlook some of the easy and obvious bugs. Just by having him walk through the install we have opened up several new bugs and come up with some new Idea’s on how to make things easier in the future. I hope by early next week we can have some of annoying bugs fixed and code pushed to launchpad. When that happens I would encourage others to give it a whirl and help us make Waffle Grid better performing, more user friendly, and more stable.

You can check out some of the bugs here.

Thanks to Ronald for his help on this!

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  1. It’s Bradford, not Bradform

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