Waffle Grid Like Features in EnterpriseDB

Yves pointed this out to me:


“Moving beyond just providing Oracle compatibility, EnterpriseDB is adding new scalability features to their database. One of them is a feature called ‘”Infinite Cache,” which is based on the open source memcached application.

Mlodgenski commented that distributed memory caches are common, though management from a system management and a database perspective is often difficult.

“What we did is we took the distributed memory cache that was sitting in front of the database and put it behind the database,” Mlodgenski said. “This allows a simple SQL (define) interface for developers that allows access to the distributed memory cache and now the system management overhead is handed by the database itself.”

Mlodgenski added that Infinite Cache leads to a 10x to 20x performance gain for read application loads. ”

You can read more here:

and here:


I guess it justifies that Waffle is a good idea.

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