Hmmmm… dbt2 ubuntu -vs- centos -vs- tarball -vs- packaged

Doing dbt2 tests on on the intel drive today…  One of the strange things I ran into last time testing out my memoright drive was running the RPM version of the enterprise binaries -vs- the tarball version seemed significantly faster.  I had some other folks try it on other hardware and they could never replicate the performance slowdown,.  Basically before I was getting 4407 TPM in DBT2 from the RPM (5.0.60) in Centos 5, while the tarball (5.0.60) was only hitting 2505 TPM.   This was consistant.  Now I see that my most recent run of dbt2 against the Intel SSD acheived 3600 TPM/s, which is lower then the rpm, but higher then the tarball ( this was achieved via tarball ).   As i said this difference has not been verified independently, and it could be any number of odd factors at play on my hardware.

I need to go back and figure this out again…   But on a positve note, apples to apples the intel ssd outperformed the memoright gt drive 3600TPM to 2500TPM in the same setup.

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