Helping to Organize a MySQL Bootcamp @ IOUG’s COLLABORATE 11

I am helping IOUG Organize a MySQL bootcamp at their Collaborate conference in Orlando. This is actually a great opportunity to reach out to a lot of Oracle talent looking for more information and training on MySQL. An IOUG Bootcamp is compiled from several 1 hour technical sessions starting from introductory level topics on day 1 to advanced topics the final day. The idea is this format will help those not familiar with MySQL, get a crash course in MySQL while also providing people with a wide range of targeted sessions that they can come in an out of as they see fit. It’s like the tag line of most Carnivals, Fun for all ages…

The reason I am posting is we are going to need lots of help from you. We are looking for speakers for the conference at the moment… you can submit your papers here: Think of it like this, this is an opportunity to be a pioneer… reaching people who may have never attended a MySQL Related conference, heard the good word of MySQL, or maybe even know much about Open Source. Hmmm, maybe I should dress up as a cowboy or pioneer for the event! The question is will that attract or turn people away. Maybe we should vote on it!

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  1. Harrison says:

    Isn’t collaborate at the same time as the MySQL User Conference next year?

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