MySQL Bootcamp at Collaborate 2011 pt 2

Hi All,

I am going through some of the sessions for IOUG’s Collaborate 2011 Conference and trying to fill in slots for the bootcamp, and while we have some great sessions we could use a few more sessions. Specifically I would love to get a couple of sessions on a few the following topics:

  • InnoDB in General
  • InnoDB Internals & scalability
  • General Overview of available Storage Engines (Pros/Cons)
  • MySQL options for Very Large databases ( ala Partitioning, Sharding )
  • MySQL Monitoring Options
  • NDB Cluster

These are just a few suggestions, please feel free to submit any topic thats related to MySQL…  even if its not a fit for the bootcamp, there is a MySQL track that it would fit into.  IOUG extended the MySQL Deadline until next Monday for us, so let’s get some more papers in!  You can submit here

Now I know  many folks are torn because the MySQL UC falls during this same time…  but there should be enough room for both conferences.  I know many DBA’s and Developers who are torn when it comes to which conferences to attend as they are forced into supporting multiple database technologies (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, etc) .  Collaborate gives these people a place to go and learn about more then Just MySQL.  Recently I have seen many “Classic Oracle DBA’s”  asking more questions and trying to Learn more about MySQL.  This is one opportunity where the MySQL community has the chance to leave a lasting impression on Oracle users who have not had any MySQL experience before.

This is untamed territory!  Come on down to Orlando and help Oracle users understand the benefits of MySQL!


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