Speaking @ Percona Live in London Next Week!

A quick note, I am speaking at Percona live in London next week… its should be a rip roaring time. I have two topics I am speaking on.

The first is on building a MySQL Data Access Layer with Ruby and Sinatra. While this may seem a bit odd, its actually very cool and useful. With < 100 lines of code you can build some pretty awesome web services to expose your data to the outside world or even better yet build web services to replace developer maintained ORM's! Additionally if you use this as part of a broader framework you can achieve all kinds of coolness. In fact all the code that I will show was written in < 2 hours, and it only took that long because I was trying to make it flow into the presentation. The second presentation, How I learned to stop worrying and Love Big Data should be fun. I promise the following: An interesting take on Big data, Dr Strangelove, Simpson's Humor, Daleks, wacky signs, Darth Vader, and a Monty Python reference... oh yeah this should be fun.

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