Exciting, Fun, and Fast …

Some good news.  I have been able to secure some additional hardware for testing over the next few months.  First up I received a pair of Dolphin interconnect cards which I will be putting through the paces sooner rather then later.  These cards will really help complete our Waffle Grid Testing.    Also I had a conversation last week with Texas Memory Systems who has agreed to let me loose on one of their RamSan 500’s  for a few days in February.   And Finally I have reached out and made contact with the folks at FusionIO and Violin Memory to try and setup some time to test with their products as well.  (Still trying to get my hands on one of the new Sun Storage Arrays as well as some Intel SLC drives to compare to the MLC drive I tested earlier.)

You should check back here for benchmarks and analysis.  But these should also go a long way to completing my 2009 UC sessions.  One of the goals of My Session on SSD is to not only share benchmarks and my experience with you, but to give you idea’s for solutions that resolve different problems.  As fast as an Intel SSD is, some applications will need more IO then even several put together can provide.

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