Waffle Latency Stats

At the hotel tonight playing around with adding some more stats for Waffle Grid.  I added memcached latency stats to the show innodb status:

Memcached puts    184434
Memcached hits    458
Memcached misses  183976
Memcached Get Total Latency 127 (us)
Memcached Get Recent Latency 127 (us)
Memcached Set Total Latency 6 (us)
Memcached Set Recent Latency 8 (us)

Debating whether or not I want to add disk read stats here as well ( which maybe fun ).  And since the “recent”  is really over the last 1000 calls, do I want to add the last 10 latencies?  something like :

Last 10 gets:  127,129,120,150,400,120,100,120,300,200

Last 10 sets:  9,9,12,15,20,12,10,12,7,8

It has some value in troubleshooting.  Anyone out their have an opinion?  would you find this detail useful? or is it a waste?

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