Webinars & Conference Sessions oh my…

Lots of news…

We will be giving a Webinar on Waffle Grid on Febuarary 17th , if you want to know more you can find more details  here …  Also as mentioned previously We will also be talking about Waffle Grid at the 2009 MySQL User conference.  So if your interested in learning more about Waffle Grid sign up and stop by.

I am also going to be giving a session at the MySQL User Unconference entitled “Learning from others’ MySQL Performance Mistakes” …  it should be good fun, stop by and say hi.

I should be posting some Waffle grid performance numbers soon.  Trond  pushed some code into libmemcached that allows memcached sets to be immediate, so far we are seeing about a 12-13% improvement in overall performance.  I want to give this a try on ec2 and see what happens.

I will also be testing out a pair of Dolphin interconnects this week.

As I said lots of stuff.

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