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Matthew Yonkovit

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What have I done? What Do I do?


I am not going to bore you to tears with a traditional resume… there are about million of those out their for you to look at and see. Instead I am going to tell you about what I do, what I am passionate about, and where I would like to go. While putting on my resume that I work for MySQL ( Now Sun ) should peak the interest of many of those looking for a database resource, I actually do more than just database work. I help clients build & design web infrastructures, this includes helping them determine the best hardware, the correct number of web/app/db servers, and guide them through potential landmines in whatever stack they have chosen. I am a certified MySQL DBA & Developer ( some say certifiable ). I have multiple years of experience in almost every database environment I can think of. I am passionate, absolutely in love with solving and overcoming tough problems. There is nothing more satisfying than spending a week at a client site trying to figure out how to deliver 300K queries per second, or achieve page load times < .25 seconds.

I deliver incredible value to my clients and those I work with, take a look at my Linkedin page ( ) to read some comments from some of the folks I have worked with, or better yet take a few minutes to read some articles on my blog These should give you a good picture of who I am.


Employment History:

Sun Microsystems / MySQL

Senior Solutions Architect 8/2007- Present

Shandler Enterprises LLC

Technical Director 5/2005-8/2007

Jackson National Life Insurance

Database Architect 5/2006-8/2007

Penske Truck Leasing & Logistics

Lead Database Architect 8/2001-5/2006


Senior Consultant 1998-2001

Database Administrator

ISERV 1997 – 1998



Key Area’s of Technical Expertise:

  • Getting the most out of an application: Advanced tuning and optimization of web/app/database stacks for high traffic applications and websites

    • LAMP ( Perl/PHP) optimization

    • Websphere environments

    • MySQL ( Certified DBA & Developer )

    • Oracle ( RAC, Ebusiness suite )

    • DB2 V8

    • SQL Server/.NET

    • AS400

  • Design and implementation of high availability solutions for clients

    • Heartbeat/DRBD

    • Oracle RAC

    • EMC SRDF

    • SQL Server Clustering ( Active-Active & Mirroring )

  • Provide high level database administration support for clients

    • MySQL 3.x-6.x

    • Oracle 7-10g

    • SQL Server 7-2005

    • DB2 7/8

    • Sybase

    • DB2 AS400 5.2

    • Postgres

  • Provide Linux/Unix/Windows administration support for clients

    • Redhat/Centos, Debian, Windows 2000-2008, HPUX, Solaris, AIX

  • Subject matter expert and Best Practice owner for the following strategic areas:

    • MySQL database performance optimization

    • MySQL/PHP development

    • Hardware Configuration and Optimization

  • Web development

    • PHP/Perl


Key Accomplishments:

  • Built solutions that deliver 99.999% availability and achieve significant ROI by utilizing open source technologies like Heartbeat, DRBD, and MySQL Replication.

  • Achieved over $200,000 in cost reductions by optimizing server environment for a leading web company that eliminated over 100 servers from the current years budget.

  • Delivered several hundred thousand dollar reduction in capital expenditures while simultaneously delivering 10x increase in website performance for popular social networking site by re-architecting business and technical processes.

  • Acted as database project lead on a $10 million data center consolidation project and met objective of consolidating data centers from around the globe to single location, projected to save millions of dollars annually.

  • Saved over $100,000 managing Oracle E-business suite upgrade from 11.5.5 to 11.5.10 and delivered project under budget and on time by migrating from Sun Servers to Oracle Rac on HP Blades.

  • Reduced database operating costs by $250,000 a year by redesigning the database server farm. Utilized VMware, EMC, and Blades to realize a reduction in the total number of servers from 110 to 22.

  • Achieved an additional 30% reduction in licensing costs over original prices by renegotiating database licenses and support contracts.

Biggest Technical Challenges:

  • Helped a leading retailer design and develop a web portal that was driven by over 5TB of data, with goals of achieving 250K selects per second and 100K inserts/update/deletes.

  • Helped a client survive a massive spike in traffic leading up to a 2008 political campaign event, some of the work involved query time reductions of over 1200X

  • Fully designed and built a distributed data center failover solution for a major media client. Solution utilized open source tools and packages to achieve data integrity.

  • Consolidate 200 SQL Server instances into 12 servers.

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